Sacrifice and Gratitude

Everything has a cost.Michael Jackson

We find ourselves chasing a better ‘me’… a better life.  We aren’t where we wish we were, and we know we can do better.  We know we can be better.  We want better for our children.  We crave growth.

When you grow, you leave some things behind. When you give into disdain for today, you abandon those who believe in you. When you sacrifice to make personal gain, you leave a little of your moral character behind.

Everything has a cost.

We find ourselves focused on the gain, and convince ourselves the sacrifice is worth it… or even worse, sometimes say it’s what we wanted to give up. We become blinded by the prize, like a gambler addicted to the next win.


Everything has a cost.

Our future self deserves better, but don’t forget to honor your past. At some point in the past, you desired to have what you hold today. Some of it may not be perfect, but that isn’t the same as as worthless. And the future you are chasing won’t be perfect either.  To deny the value of what you hold is to be ungrateful. Ungrateful for the sacrifices of yesterday.  And soon, you will find yourself ungrateful for tomorrow.

Be Grateful

Everything has a cost.

Strive for better… you deserve better… but don’t go bankrupt getting there.


The Miracle Which Produced Me

I am natures greatest miracle, but the real prize is the miracle which preceded me.

The wealth from success receives the glory, yet the countless hours of hard work which happened first deserve the praise.

Connor McGregor

The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Vitruvian Man set Leonardo da Vinci as a brilliant artist, but it was the thousands of hours of study and practice which created that genius.


We look around us at the beauty of Nature, and marvel at her wonder, yet forget the millions and millions of years it took to create the wondrous world we live within.

Mother Nature

You may feel some pride for what you have become in life, but never forget that you pale in comparison to the miracle which brought you here.


“I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth?  Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?”   Og Mandino

A quick thought on fear.

“In the cave you fear to enter, lies the treasure you seek”… Joseph Campbell


Part of my job is to help people set goals in their life or career, and then create a plan of action to achieve those goals.  Far too often, what I have come to discover is that many people are unable to articulate what their goals are.  They have absolutely no idea what they want out of life.

Sometimes, when you can’t quite figure out what the treasure is you seek, you may want to look at it from a different angle. What is the cave you fear to enter? What is the unknown, scary, situation you avoid?

Understand the fear… and you may understand the treasure.

What is the cave you fear to enter? Maybe therein lies your Hero’s Journey.


Maybe so, Maybe not… We’ll see

WOW… What a year that was!!!

As we sit on the edge of 2017, getting ready to move into 2018, I look back at one of the fullest and most meaningful years of my life.  It has been filled with highs and lows far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  There has been more activity than I can recall in the past, blasting life at me from a fire hose.  Just a few highlights…

After 9 years, Riley and Mitchel moved away, heading to start a new life with their Mom & Bob in Anglemont BC.  As it was happening in the early part of the year, it was the single most crushing experience I had ever gone through.  The emptiness, anger and sadness were all-consuming. Yet as the months have passed, I have become so grateful for the life they are building.  Mitchel is in an environment that allows him to experience life and new situations on a daily basis.  Riley finds himself with the ability to focus, and is gradually starting to set his sails.  He even has his Learners Licence (that’s a reason to be happy we are separated by a province).  Kate and Bob are doing an amazing job with these boys… and I still get to see them in person and via Facetime regularly.  As crushed as I was… this was one of the best things that could have happened for them. I am so happy that Kate had the strength to make this move.

As that was unfolding, another all-consuming emotional experience began. I finally found love.  A love so strong and deep, it transformed me from the inside out.  I had completely given up on ever experiencing this, which made it even more magical for me.  It began one year ago tomorrow ( New Years Eve ). We moved fast, and made huge commitments.  I was cautioned against it, but when it feels that right, I don’t believe in caution.  Yet by the end of the year, that relationship ended.  And the timing of when we began makes today that much more painful. It was the end of a dream that finally had come to reality.  It spun me around, and smashed me against the ground.  Yet as painful as it has been, I don’t regret a moment.  I have learned and grown so much.  I am reminded that I still have that ability to love so strongly.  The love I feel for her hasn’t dissipated an ounce, but I’m learning how to not allow that to hold me back.  I can cherish and hold onto the positive, while still moving forward.  Life is made up of moments.  Honor the past ones, and welcome the new ones.


In February 2017, Riley became a father, and I a Grampa.  Christopher came into the world, and changed the perspectives of many people.  While I haven’t been able to get to know Chris the way I would like to yet, I know this can change.  And as he has a younger brother on route (due at the end of January), this could be quite an adventure.

Yet as new lives are brought in, I also have to face the reality of some lives passing.  My Mom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.  It is likely that we are facing the last few months with her beauty.  She is the very seed from which I have grown.  Next to my own spirit, she is the biggest part of me.  This is going to be so very hard.

And in the world of careers… I watched one promising career crumble, followed by the entrance of the most significant and promising opportunity I’ve ever had come along.  And as I look back over the handful of meaningful careers I’ve had, I can see how the lessons learned in each will be playing a role in this one.  I am so excited to watch this happen.

Despite my optimism and commitment to the new career, life has also taught me that I need to take control over my own future.  Give myself options.  Create and develop my own Plan B.  And here-in is where SEACRET will remain such a big part of my future.  It allows me to do something I love, coaching people towards wellness & greatness, while building a solid foundation for my future.

And then there are the ‘riches’ of life. Some of the above, combined with prolonged poor decision making brought me to complete financial ruin. Wiped out. Kaput!! But when I faced the reality of my monetary riches being depleted, I discovered a couple of other riches I didn’t realize I had. First… a friend that stepped in and gave me a safe place to be and rebuild. Without her amazing hospitality, warmth and compassion, I seriously have NO IDEA where I might be right now. THANK YOU !!

And I also found an internal resilience I had never tapped into before. An ability to see life’s cycles for what they are… stages of a journey… and find the courage to ride them out with dignity and hope.

After so many years of partaking in self-Development courses, and reading Self-Help books, I have finally come to understand that the answers to life’s challenges aren’t ‘out there’.  They are tucked within our own innate greatness. We just need to do some reprogramming, and learn to live life guided by our intentions, instead of being restrained by our fears and false limitations. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance inward that I have received from sessions such as ACT Training, the MKE Course, and the insightful wisdom of the ancient Stoics. These have all helped me to abandon tactics, and allow myself to be guided by my compass.

Life is so full of ups and downs…. and they just don’t stop.  Some areas are currently on the high side of the curve, and a few are still in the lowest of lows.  But one thing is guaranteed… they will continue to change.  The whole story is not yet told.  The year that was 2017 reminds me of a Chinese Proverb that goes something like this…

A farmer and his son had a beloved stallion who helped the family earn a living. One day, the horse ran away and their neighbors exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild mares back to the farm as well. The neighbors shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several horses home with him. What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

Later that week, the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the mares and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg. The villagers cried, “Your son broke his leg, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all the able-bodied boys for the army. They did not take the farmer’s son, still recovering from his injury. Friends shouted, “Your boy is spared, what tremendous luck!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

The moral of this story, is, of course, that no event, in and of itself, can truly be judged as good or bad, lucky or unlucky, fortunate or unfortunate, but that only time will tell the whole story. Additionally, no one really lives long enough to find out the ‘whole story,’ so it could be considered a great waste of time to judge inconveniences as misfortunes or to invest tons of energy into things that look outstanding on the surface, but may not pay off in the end.

Life is a never ending journey. Let’s see what 2018 has in store.

Bless you all. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I hope to spend so much more time with those I love, and hopefully a little less time with the jerks.

I hope this transparent message isn’t mistaken for a pity request… nor some meaningless optimistic bend on a challenging situation. I have come to learn that we are all facing demons. We are all fighting battles behind closed doors. I have fought these alone in the past, and that was so insanely difficult. What I hope is that others who are facing obstacles which may feel overwhelming will reach out to the people around them for help. And that others will keep an eye open for people who may need a hug. Reach out… love… and allow yourself to be loved. We are in this crazy ride together. Let’s hold hands.

MKE – WEEK 11: Hey Ego… This Choice is Not Yours.


Socrates - Ideas

I will persist until I succeed.

Thank goodness the Monarch butterfly cannot understand the language of humans.  Imagine how quickly we could end the wondrous continental migration if we poisoned this creature with our limits, our fears, our hang-ups.  The egg knows nothing of growing wings.  The larva has no fear of flying.  The pupa does not vow to find a better home for his future eggs.  Even the butterfly herself shows no hesitation in leaving her comfort zone.

Each will persist until they succeed.

This beautiful creature becomes a symbol of transformation by doing one thing only.  Persist.  Persist in this moment.  Do what nature commands of all things in the universe.  Transform.  Embrace the energy which flows through and connects all things, and stay in motion.  The Monarch has no ego… it hasn’t developed this psychological self-destruct mechanism.

According to fossil records, Monarch butterflies have existed for 90 – 175 Million years.  Contrast that with we humans, who have been in attendance for 200,000 years, and on this very day we threaten to eliminate our own brief existence through war, disease, and environmental suffocation.   What makes us so different?  Perhaps it’s that we try to force the change outwards, instead of embracing it internally.  We fight to change the world around us, instead of allowing the energetic connective tissue to transform us within.  We block.  We fear.  We deny.  We project.

Persist until you succeed.

“The prizes of life are at the end of each journey; not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.”

Og Mandino

Compass - Start

We claim we must plan it out.  We must design our destiny.  But our destiny is already designed for us, and that destiny is greatness.  Our ego wants to understand each step, and grasp control over the process.  Yet if we let go of the reigns, and do our part… persist… that greatness awaits us.  We must throw out our clocks.  Discard our maps.  Be guided by only our compass, which tells us which direction to take this very step.  And persist.

We are weakened when we discuss the limitations of others around us.

We survive when we celebrate the events around us.

We thrive when we are allow ourselves to be empowered by ideas.

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MKE – Week 9: Transformation Abound


I had started to write a rather lengthy blog for this week about sparking a major transformation, but then I was reminded of a video that caught my attention several months ago.  This story can say so much more than my words ever could.

While the video is about a physical transformation that comes about from a significant lifestyle change, I have no doubt that you will see the connection to what we are doing with our mental reprogramming (mental diet, daily commitment, never quitting, progress not perfection, visualizing, faith in yourself, and so much more).

We are on our way to transforming our lives in a way that NO ONE could ever anticipate as possible.  Commit.  Do the daily exercises.  Believe in yourself.  If there are people who don’t believe in you, dump them!  They are fearful about their own inability to change, and that is not your problem!!  There is an amazing transformation coming your way.  You deserve to live this new life.  There are no common people.  We are all meant for greatness!!

I wish I had someone who believed in me as I deserved.  But when I discovered that I didn’t, I stepped up, and did the believing in myself.

Now, I don’t know about the clown to the left of you, or the joker to the right… but let me assure you… I BELIEVE IN YOU!!  You are doing the right things.  JUST… KEEP… DOING THEM!!

Fuck, I’m pumped!!!

I love you!!!

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MKE – Week 8: Chaos vs Cosmos

Big Bang

According to the Big Bang Theory, the entire Universe was born out of an explosion from a point known as a Singularity, a zone of density infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, and infinitely dense.  Out of this burst came all of the matter and energy that ever existed, and which, over time, seeded the Universe we see in the heavens today.

“The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be.” … Carl Sagan

Within 10−32 seconds, each of the fundamental forces of the Universe  (Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear forces) had come into existence.  By the end of the first second of time, the Universe had grown to be 10-light years in diameter, and within the first 3 seconds, basic elements had formed.

It isn’t, however, until 300,000 years into the expansion of the Universe that matter begins to dominate… and it won’t be until 300 Million Years later that Stars and Galaxies begin to form.


A few years ago, as I was pondering my spiritual beliefs, when I was suddenly struck by a notion.  What else is like the Big Bang?  What else springs into existence like the Universe?  Starting from nothing, yet from the moment it begins, it contains all of the energy and matter that it will ever require.  What else begins it’s early time as a stew of elemental forms & heat & energy, but gradually overtime turns into matter, and then organized matter.  What else bursts into existence, and creates reality?…..

A Thought!

A thought lives a life, much like the Universe.  Coming out of nowhere, this power of infinite potential explodes into our mind, bringing with it all of the resources it will ever need to create.  In it’s early stages, it is nothing more than fundamental elements and energy… but over time it begins to manifest tangible material, and gradually organizes that material into a system with a function and purpose of it’s own.


At first, it just begins with one ‘thing’.  Large ‘things’ are created by forces that attract like ‘things’, growing and manifesting over time.  Stars and planets are built by gasses and rocks swirling around and crashing into each other, until over time, they build into the gigantic forms we see in our solar system.  And just like the Universe, once our mind can make this happen in one area, this process can be duplicated elsewhere… over and over again.

This notion I had grappled with many years ago.  It was exciting to think how similar a thought and the existence of the Universe were… and a realization that a thought brings with it all of the matter and energy it will ever need to turn it into it’s final existence.  But I read something in this weeks lesson, which I hadn’t considered before.  Something that filled in a gap which I hadn’t even realized existed.

“In this Part you will find that you may freely chose what you think but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law!  Is not this a wonderful thought?  Is it not wonderful to know that our lives are not subject to caprice or variability of any kind?  That they are governed by law.  This stability is our opportunity, because by complying with the law we can secure the desired effect with invariable precision.

It is the Law which makes the Universe one grand paean of Harmony.  If it were not for law, the Universe would be a Chaos instead of a Cosmos.

Here, then, is the secret of the origin of both good and evil, this is all the good and evil there ever was or ever will be.”

According to the Big Bang theory, without the laws and forces that were created in the very beginning, all of this matter and energy could not have resulted in the Universe as we know it.  Likewise, without the various Laws of the Mind (Law of Attraction, Law of Growth, etc), our thoughts could not turn into a tangible reality.  And to look at this through a different lens, if we recognize that the Laws are there, then we don’t need to worry about that part of it.  Our job is to just create the right material, and let the Laws do their work.  How refreshing is that?

Trust the Laws.  Trust the process.  You have one job to do.  Through your thought, create the right elements.  Give the Universe the right constructive thoughts, and let the Laws build them into the reality that you desire.


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MKE – Week 7: Resilience


Looking back at my life, if I had to select (or perhaps summarize) one weakness which has prevented me from achieving what I want out of life, it would be my lack of resilience.  On far too many occasions, I have allowed for some sort of singular setback to permeate into other areas of my life, and demolish the hard work I have accomplished in so many other areas.  As a result, a challenge which should have been relatively easily overcome, has appeared overwhelming.  I would find myself chasing down tributary consequences, pouring energy and effort into cleaning those up, and not focusing on the source of the challenge, nor the innate strength I had to deal with that focal point.  As a result, the arterial wound would continue to bleed, as I gradually (or sometimes rapidly) ran out of oxygen and fall to the ground.

Chasing your dreams

The last few weeks have been a real challenge for me on both a personal and professional level.  Many obstacles have been hurled my way, challenging my integrity, my competency, my reliability, and my capacity.  I cannot think of another time in my life when so many daggers have been targeted upon me.

But there is something different about me this time.  There are tools that I have, which in the past, I did not have at my disposal.  There are reminders placed around my physical world.  At least three times per day, there are exercises I undertake to pull me back inward, and focus my thoughts and energy in the right direction.  There are alternative thoughts which I can use to substitute negativity when I my old-self starts to tear down my confidence or goals.  There is knowledge and understanding about HOW and WHY my mind is sabotaging my own self-interest, creating an awareness and early detection of this degenerative disease.  There is a NEW WAY of thinking, which robs the power from the stimuli, and returns it me.  And possibly, most important, there is a commitment SO STRONG to create and BE something more, which gives me the will to continue to fight.

The breadth, depth, and volume of these tools have allowed me to quickly refocus, to center, and re calibrate my thoughts.  Instead of chasing down tertiary effects, my energy is spent reinforcing my world within, and providing me with the little wins needed to move forward.  I am standing in a place while bricks are being tossed at me, and discovering that I have an energy around me which defends me from the outside violence.

Spiderman under attack

Your words can’t hurt me, because my words empower me.

I don’t need you to believe in me, because I believe in myself.

Perhaps you don’t see my progress, but my vision becomes more clear every day.

There was a time when this would have broken me.  But I’m not that person anymore.  Just as the old cells of my physical body have died and been replaced, so have my old thoughts and habits.  I am a new man, strengthened by the challenges placed upon me.  I am more resilient and determined then ever before.  And I do this so that my next future self can build upon my success, and have all that he deserves.  The obstacle becomes the way.

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MKE – Week 6: The Weaving Web

Cobweb with dew

I will love all manners of men for each has qualities to be admired even though they be hidden.  With love I will tear down the wall of suspicion and hate which they have built round their hearts and in its place will I build bridges to that my love may enter their souls.” … Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

This past week has been an abundance of subliminal epiphanies as the web of links, triggers, and revelations have begun to take form.  I find myself identifying personal reactionary impulses, emotional responses, justifications, and just down-right stupid shit that have nested into my Subby.  Likewise, I stand witness to similar reactions by others as I watch them crouch behind their walls of immunity, lashing out at their perceived threats in a thinly veiled attempt to shield their defense mechanism they have built for so many years… just as I have done.

More importantly however, I have found myself holding the tools necessary to replace these subconscious reactions with more effective response mechanisms.  Throughout the day, my conscious mind is conducting an inventory of my tool box…

Green Triangle… find calm

Red Circle… obstacles are the path

Blue Square… be grateful

Orange Rectangle… empathy

“No one descends twice into the same river” … Heraclitis

And when these moments of decision come upon me immured in that space between stimulus and response, I am ready for a new way of creating my life.

You attacked me — my shield of love is my defense.

We aren’t ready to accept your offer right now — why don’t we try it this way instead.

Sadness shifts towards despair — WATCHMAN!!  read my list of things I’m grateful for.

Pieces of the stone begin to fall away.  The glitter beneath begins to glow.  It may not yet fill the room with light, but it’s bright enough to be a beacon.  It’s startling enough to disrupt the extemporaneous echo from the past.  And it begins to fuel the chlorophyll of the soul, giving passion to purpose.

This web is not yet complete.  There is still so much more to come.  But today, this day, should nature chose to rain upon it, the rain drops will highlight what has been done, and what needs to be completed.  Yet should the sun shine it’s warming light, this new web will be illuminated, and glisten with the same beauty that was intended by the Universal.

“Henceforth will I love all mankind.  From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I have not time to hate, only time to love.”  Jamie McArthur…  whilst reading Og Mandino.

MKE – Week 5

Holy Shit!!!  Week 5 has hit with the power of Zeus.  And it just keeps coming.  (Perhaps its more like Poseidon, coming like a Tsunami that just won’t quit?).

Emerson’s essay on Compensation contains a lifetime of learning potential.  Why is this not taught in schools instead of how the Hudson’s Bay company traded fur hats for coal (or, however the hell that went down)!

Admittedly, I’ve been through the essay a couple of times now, and my next trip through will be with dictionary in hand, as some of the language is lost in the de-evolution of English competence.  I am so excited to dive into this further, parse the wisdom, meditate, evaluate, ponder, and let this flow through my consciousness.  I would like to do that now please, but apparently “I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste“.  Damn you nature!!

There are so many aspects to Week 5 that I would love to address, and over time I shall.

Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preexists in the means, the fruit in the seed.

Then there can be enlargement, and the man of to-day scarcely recognizes the man of yesterday.  And such should be the outward biography of man in time, a putting off of dead circumstances day by day, as he renews his raiment day by day.

Man’s the elm, and Wealth the vine; – An Elm is a fruitless tree, whilst a vine grows many fruit.  But if the vine lay across the ground, the fruit it bears is rotten.  If the vine is tightly woven to the tree, it bears fruit upon itself, as well as the elm.

But where to begin for today?  For no good reason, other than the topic happens to be current in my thoughts, I was captured by Emerson’s assertion;

“Our strength grows out of our weakness.  The indignation which arms itself with secret forces does not awaken until we are pricked and stung and sorely assailed.  A great man is always willing to be little.  Whilst he sits on the cushion of advantages, he goes to sleep. When he is pushed, tormented, defeated, he has a chance to learn something;  he has been put on his wits, on his manhood; he has gained facts; learns his ignorance; is cured of the insanity of conceit; has got moderation and real skill.  The wise man throws himself on the side of his assailants.  It is more his interest than it is theirs to find his weak point.  The wound cicatrizes and falls off from him like a dead skin, and when the would triumph, lo! he has passed on invulnerable.  Blame is safer than praise.”

Our power lies within this Polarity.  The fact that within every weakness lies our strength.  The whole contains the part, and each part contains the whole.

Years ago, I read a book called the Holographic Universe.  It suggests the notion that the entire Universe (read- Reality) is actually nothing more than a Hologram.  It’s a concept worth studying in it’s own right.  But I borrow from this for a moment, to illustrate a reality I was not aware of.  Holograms (yes… they are real things, and not just reserved for Mark’s Holodecks), are a 3D image or photographs.  They have some very unique properties.


From the book, the Holographic Universe (Michael Talbot);

” If a piece of holographic film containing the image of an apple is cut in half and then illuminated by laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the Apple!  Even if the halves are divided again and again an entire Apple can still be reconstructed from each small portion of the film (although the images will get hazier as the portions get smaller).  Unlike normal photographs, every small fragment of a piece of holographic film contains all the information recorded in the whole.”

There is no separating the part from the whole.  They are one.  And what we emanate in our lives is not a result of our ability to sever the part from the whole, but more from what we allow to flow through our Solar Plexis.  We earn no credit for developing it.  It was never, is not, and never will be, ours to create.

5-20 :  “It is the benignant force which decrees primal creation.  It thrills down from the Divine, direct into every created being.  It originates life, which the physical scientist has not done, nor ever can do.  It stands out among all the forces supreme, unapproachable.  No human heredity can approach it.  No human heredity measures up to it.”

EVERY CREATED BEING.  Neither heredity nor evolution grants us greater access to it.  It’s an energy that flows.  All we are capable of doing is either blocking, or unblocking it.

5-25 :  “This power is from within, but we cannot receive it unless we give it.  Use is the condition upon which we hold this inheritance.  We are each of us but the channel through which Omnipotent power is being differentiated into form; unless we give, the channel is obstructed and we can receive no more.”

Weoponizing wisdom granted to us from the Omnipotent is akin to cutting off a piece of the hologram for our own use.  You are left with nothing more grand, but only a faded version of truth.  Your loss.

You could not have achieved the wisdom without the weakness.  They are fruit and seed.  To abhor one is to deny the other.

ZenoZeno of Elea is considered to be the founder of Stoic Philosophy.  As a young man, a merchant, he found himself shipwrecked, and stranded in the city of Athens in the year 303BCE.  It was while he was there, that he came across Xenophons’ Memorabilia.  From these writings, he was so impressed by the character of Socrates, that he abandoned his former life as a merchant, and made the study of Philosophy his only interest.  He has been quoted as saying;

“I made a prosperous voyage when I was shipwrecked.”

Belittle not the hard times, the challenges, the weaknesses.  Neither those of your own, nor those of others.  They are part of the journey.  You deserve neither the blame for these, nor the credit for their counterparts.  You have one role… find the courage to face your fear, and let them flow.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being like everyone else.

Fear of shame.

Fear of poor health.

Unblock the energy.  Let Omnipotence flow, and do not try to claim it.  Water parted by your hand comes together behind it.  Bask in it… but do not own it.

“Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”   … T. H. Huxley